The Rosenberg Hotel was later named the Roseboro Hotel in the 1920'sSharon Springs, NY 

History of the Roseboro Hotel

Photo: The Rosenberg Hotel circa 1900 was later renamed the Roseboro Hotel.

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The Roseboro Hotel, located on Main Street in the historic district of the village of Sharon Springs, is an architectural gem from a golden era of long ago. Originally three separate hotels, the 1850's Howland House, The 1896 Rosenberg Hotel and the 1870's Rosenberg House, were joined with connecting additions in 1900 to form the current 45,000 square foot building. The overall style is Renaissance Revival and the hotel once boasted its own gas plant for lighting in 1896. It had 135 rooms, (but only 27 bathrooms!) one of the first sprinkler systems and a 1939 Otis Elevator. Big Bands of the 30's & 40's played to high-stepping dancers in the Ballroom (now the dining room.) The 3500 sq ft (former) dining room served the best Kosher food in the area. Unfortunately, as the interest in mineral baths declined, so did the tourism in Sharon Springs. The Roseboro Hotel closed its doors in 1968 and stood decaying as a stark, empty reminder of Sharon's prosperous days. Throughout its history, the Roseboro entertained thousands of guests fleeing the summer heat of the city and escaping to the mineral spas of Sharon Springs. In 1996, the Roseboro was purchased by two Village locals (transplanted from NYC & Colorado) who were deeply concerned with the condition of the Hotel and its prospects for survival. Already involved with several projects to revitalize the Village, they started the Hotel's stabilization in the summer of '96, one hundred years after the opening of the original Rosenberg Hotel. Since then, the fruition of the effort and work which has gone into rejuvenating the village of Sharon Springs can be seen in the number of new businesses opened and the increase in tourism. Sharon Springs is in a renaissance.

The owners envision the restoration of the Roseboro in phases with multi-faceted entertainment, events and film. The unfinished 3500 sq ft banquet facilities will someday be used for weddings, parties and shows. The ground floor of the older "Howland House" wing along Main Street has been converted into 5 new retail shops. Gardens will be planted in the front, rear and the Washington St corner.  Eventually, the upstairs rooms will be restored as well so that the Roseboro will truly be a hotel again. 

A brief history of The Roseboro restoration photos:

2001 Progress Summary

2000 Progress Summary

1999-2000 Progress Summary

1997-1998 Progress Summary

Roofing June 4th, 1997

1996 Progress Summary

Laundry Building Also on the Roseboro property is a 3 story masonry building which has 24 rooms and once housed the Hotel's laundry facility. 

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Newel posts & banister taken from the Roseboro Grand StaircaseHave you seen these? Around 1988, these newel posts were sawed off by Kater's auction and sold. We are trying to locate them. If you have any info as to who might have bought them, we would like to speak to them about buying them back. Also: the banister & spindles on the left side were taken around 1995, along with two solid brass Otis elevator gates. No questions asked! Please help us locate these items! Email me